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We bring healthcare right home to you through our professional team and partners. We are committed to providing services that exceed the expectations of our clients eliminating the hassle of seeking healthcare. We are guided by excellent customer service, quality, teamwork, speed, professionalism, reliability, efficiency and confidentiality


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Our Services
Personal Health Management
We manage your health information so that you don’t have to bother. We create your health profile using your medical records, biostatistics and basic measurements...
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Medical Screening
Most common health conditions like diabetes mellitus, systemic hypertension, cervical cancer in women and prostate cancer in men can be staved off with effective regular screening...
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24-hour Health Response Services
JED Call Centre will offer members and the general public, uninterrupted 24-hour service. Our team works round the clock offering instant solutions to customers’ requests...
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JED Hospital Connect
JED Hospital Connect allows you to book appointments with our partner hospitals or diagnostic centres no matter where you are in the country...
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Health Education and Counselling
Knowledge is power, they say. We conduct health education seminars and counselling services to individuals and corporate bodies...
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Medical Tourism
JED will promote both internal and external medical tourism by giving Ghanaians the opportunity to access health care in Ghana and abroad...
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Pre-wedding Counselling and Screening
Getting married? In preparation for your big day, there is a ton of things on your check list. We are here to help you out and make your life a whole lot easier...
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Medical examination and certification
Congratulations on your new job; admission to your new school; setting up your new restaurant. Now what next? Full medical report...
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Home care
If you don’t feel like stepping out, no problem. We’ll come to you. Just let us know when and where and a team of healthcare providers will be there...
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JED Specialised Clinics
JED, a HEFRA-accredited organisation, provides walk-in GP consultations and appointment-based consultations to our clients...
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Nutrition and fitness
Disease prevention and total body health starts with lifestyle modification. This, we know, does not come easy so would like to help...
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Pharmaceutical services, including home deliveries
With our partner pharmacies across the nation, we deliver top quality medications to our clients all over the country. Now you can say, “Bye,” to the days of hopping from one pharmacy to the next...
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