Jed Medical Services


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Walking into the doctor’s office
and being unable to recall the name of the medication you took just a week prior can be really frustrating, right? Having trouble finding the X-ray or lab tests from last year but you really
need them to serve as points of reference?

What we stand for
Personalized healthcare and its management in the hands of every Ghanaian and beyond.
To help individuals control their health through technological innovations.

About Us

JED Medical Services Limited is a limited liability company incorporated on 12th July, 2018
under the Ghana companies’ code, 1963 (Act 179). Our mission is to provide comprehensive preventive healthcare solutions including health education to people who, due to their busy schedules, experience difficulty accessing health care in the country. Through our mobile technology, the JEDcare app, which can be downloaded on Google Playstore and the Apple store,
we offer personalised healthcare solutions, physician consultations and counseling. We also connect you to specialists and other health facilities for advanced treatment options.
Everyone can now acquire their own health profile and keep tabs on their health.

Our philosophy is that health care should be one of the easiest commodities to acquire
in the most convenient way possible. For this reason, we also bring healthcare right home to you through our professional team and partners. We are committed to providing services that will exceed the expectations of our clients
eliminating the hustle of seeking health care. We are guided by excellent customer service, quality, teamwork, speed, professionalism, reliability, efficiency and confidentiality

Core Values